900-902 Visitors to School District Buildings and Sites


SERIES: 900 Community Relations
SUBJECT: 902 Visitors to School District Buildings and Sites

The school board shall encourage interest from parents and community members in school programs and activities, including visits during the school day provided the visits are consistent with the health, education, and safety of students.

The school district administration shall present procedures for school visitations to the school board for review and approval and all visits shall be conducted within those procedures.   These procedures shall be communicated to the school community and the general public.

Persons may be denied permission to visit a school or school property or such permission may be revoked if the visitor(s) does not comply with the school district procedures or if the visit is not in the best interest of students, employees, or the school district.

Persons who enter school property without complying with the procedures may be guilty of criminal trespass and thus subject to criminal penalty.  Such persons may be detained by the school principal in a reasonable manner for a reasonable period of time pending the arrival of a police officer.

Legal References: M.S. 123B.09, Subd. 3 (School Board Powers)
M.S. 609.605, Subd. 4 (Trespasses on School Property)

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