700-713 Bus Accident


SERIES: 700 Non-Instructional Operations and Business Services
SUBJECT: 713 Bus Accident

In case of a bus accident, the driver should take the following steps:

Immediately stop the bus in a safe area.
Assess the situation and respond to immediate and obvious safety and health concerns.
Notify law enforcement and other emergency services as appropriate.
Notify transportation company supervisor.
In cooperation with law enforcement and other emergency care personnel assist with the care of passengers as necessary.
Record the names of all passengers and report them to the appropriate transportation company.
Determine the facts pertaining to the accident including witnesses and names of others who were involved.
Drivers are not to leave the scene of an accident until released by the responding law enforcement agency and the driver’s supervisor.

The transportation company is responsible for immediately notifying the school district when it becomes aware of a bus accident involving the district’s students.  The district’s transportation director will assist the transportation company in notifying parents of all students involved in a bus accident.  It is the responsibility of the transportation company to ensure that required reports are completed and submitted to the appropriate agencies and that all State, Federal, and local laws and regulations are followed with respect to bus accidents for which their drivers are involved.

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