700-712 Vending Machines


SERIES: 700 Non-Instructional Operations and Business Services
SUBJECT: 712 Vending Machines

The school district shall contract for, supervise, maintain, and account for the proceeds from vending machines located in school facilities in compliance with state statutes and in a manner that is fair, that maximizes the revenues from those machines, that allows those revenues to be included in the budget of the facility in which they are generated, and that establishes controls to avoid fraud, theft, or the appearance of impropriety.

The school principal or other person in charge of the facility in which vending machines are located shall supervise the use of the machines, approve the items that are dispensed, and approve the location and hours of operation.  Machines dispensing cigarettes or tobacco products are not authorized under any circumstances.  In the event a written complaint is filed regarding the approval or disapproval of any item, the principal shall review the complaint and attempt to resolve the issue.  If there is no satisfactory resolution, the school board shall make the final determination.

No school district employee or school board member shall be interested, directly or indirectly, in a vending machine contract or receive any personal benefit financially.

Legal References:
M.S. 123B.52 (Contracts)
M.S. 123B.20 (Dealing in Supplies)
M.S. 471.345 (Contracts)
M.S. 471.87 (Conflict of Interest)

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