700-711 Extracurricular Transportation


SERIES: 700 Non-Instructional Operations and Business Services
SUBJECT: 711 Extracurricular Transportation

The school district administration shall determine whether to provide transportation for students, spectators, or participants to and from extracurricular activities.  This includes the decision to provide transportation, the persons to be transported, the type or method to be utilized, all transportation, the persons to be transported, the type or method to be utilized, all transportation scheduling and coordination, and any other transportation arrangements or decisions.  Employees who are involved in extracurricular activities shall be advised by the administration as to the transportation arrangements made if any.

Any independent arrangement, scheduling, or coordination of transportation for extra-curricular activities made by school district employees must be approved by the school district administration.  If the school district makes no arrangements for extracurricular transportation, students who wish to participate are responsible for arranging for or providing their own transportation.

In the event of an emergency or other unforeseeable circumstances, employees are authorized to make appropriate transportation arrangements for students as necessary.  Employees will transport students in non-emergency circumstances only when such extracurricular transportation is approved by the administration.  If any transportation arrangements are made by employees pursuant to this section, the relevant facts and circumstances shall be reported to the administration.  All vehicles used to transport students shall be properly registered and insured.

The school district may charge fees for transportation of students to and from extra-curricular activities conducted at locations other than school when attendance is optional.

Legal References:
M.S. 120.73 (Authorized Fees)

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